img_6060I get a lot of people ask me on my Instagram how I get the curl in my hair, so I have decided to share with you the products and tools that I use to create this look. The video tutorial will be featured on my Instagram account so please take a look.



I have been a qualified hairdresser for over 10 years and the one thing I do swear by is a good shampoo and conditioner. There are so many in salons that it can be a bit confusing on what one to buy, the best thing is to speak to your hairdresser and they will be able to head you in the right direction. I use Paul Mitchell’s super strong set as my hair is highlighted and I do use heat on it so this one is best for dry hair and will help repair any damage to the hair. If you use a good shampoo and conditioner styling your hair will be so much easier and the finished look will look amazing.


img_6062The main tool that is used to create the curl is the Babyliss Pro Ceramic Dial-A-Heat Curling Tong which is a size 38mm. There are lots of wands and tongs to choose from and you do not have to spend a lot of money to get a good one. This particular one retails at about £35.00 but changes in various shops and sites. The size of the Tong is based on the length and thickness of the hair I use the bigger one as my hair is long and I don’t like the hair to have to much of a tight curl. If you are stuck on what size to get please email or Instagram me.




img_6063When brushing out the curls I use the Tangle Teaser or I will also use a Head jog 101 Nylon Bristle Brush. I find it better to use these brushes as they give the curl a better finish and shine. You can pick these brushes up from places like Boots or Super drug but also most hairdressers will also sell these.


img_6065To finish styling the curls I use Schwarzkopf got2b volumizing styling powder. This product is perfect for finishing of to give you some body in your roots. And unlike gels and wax its doesn’t leave your hair looking like it has hair products on it. The best way to apply is to dust it on to your fingertips and then massage into the roots, and straight away you will so immediate volume. Its the perfect product for every day use or for evenings out.




This look can be created in less than 20 minutes depending on thickness and length of the hair. As you see in my picture I have long hair and its fairly thick this style takes me about 20 minutes. With practice and persistence I promise this will become part of your natural daily routine. I have two children so no time for faffing and I do this every morning it has just become my morning ritual. You will all have beautiful beach waves in no time, and please if you have any questions then email or Instagram me. The full hair tutorial video is up on my Instagram…Good Luck.



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